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How our Small Food Cart Business Survived The Competition Against The Big Restaurants

When we opened our small food cart business, we’re not aware of the challenges that we will encounter when we established it.

Though we have formulated a plan from the beginning, there’s still some missing information that we “forgot” to account.

This is the story of a struggling small sized food cart business against the big restaurants currently situated near our store.

Do you remember the old story about David and …

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Hard Hitting Facts From A Small Franchise Food Fart Owner

I am a thirty year old corporate slave working 40 hours a week. With a more than decent and regular monthly salary from a reputable company, I managed to set aside portion of it for a long time. It’s been 10 years of working and saving and the last time I checked, my savings are already in six digits.

Looking at the monthly interest earned given by my bank, I was a little bit of disappointed. My bank offers a very, very low 1.5% per annum (gross of withholding taxes) which is unacceptable for me.

My husband convinced me to venture in a small business where I can put my idle money sleeping at my bank account. To cut the story short, we gambled our money in a small business.

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The Challenges We Encountered Running a Not-So-Well-Known Food Cart Franchise Business

Five years ago, we have decided to put up a small food cart business. We were just trying it out with our extra money from our monthly salary from our full time jobs. Little did we know, its not that simple to run a business no matter how big or small it is.

What a simple food cart business from the product of our experimentation and gamble turned out to be a stable cash cow that provides us monthly income.

But before we get to this stage, we encountered lots of challenges and problems any small neighborhood business owner could ever imagine.

Here’s our story.

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